Welcome To ThunderSnout BBQ


ThunderSnout BBQ Sauce is the product of two long-time friends and food enthusiasts, Dave Mundis and Mike Vincent.

The magic happened at Memphis in May World BBQ Competition in 2014, where they took 1st place in the Vinegar BBQ Sauce category. After that, they didn't need any more encouragement to start the ThunderSnout BBQ Sauce company.

This truly amazing marinating, basting, dipping sauce adds an incredible flavor rush to any dish you create – it’s your "everything" sauce.

ThunderSnout will elevate your cooking – bring it to the next level and receive THUNDERous applause from all who taste it!!!

The ThunderSnout philosophy is simple: share our joy and love of food with you.

Our creative sauce-based recipes can be found on this website and via social media.

"You can never pout when you have 'Snout"
From our grill to yours,
Savor the Snout!

Dave & Mike